About Us - LEDSmiths, a Family Run LED Online Retail Company

LEDSmiths is a family run company supplying LED light bulbs across the UK, we have over 10 years of experience selling light bulbs across the Internet, so you can be sure that you are in great hands.

Every step of the journey of purchasing LED bulbs through LEDSmiths has been designed with you in mind, the customer, from order to arrival.  We are 100% focused on our customer service and if you aren't satisfied with the result then you must get in touch.  Email us at sales@ledsmiths.com.

Based in Devon, close to the A38, we offer competitively priced products from top manufacturers.  With great product guarantees and fantastic delivery services, LEDSmiths should be your LED supplier of choice.

We have an unrivalled knowledge of all things LED and we are confident that there is no question that cannot be answered by our team.  So if you are unsure of anything LED related then please give us a call.

Our goal is to provide you with the absolute best experience.  We will take the difficulty out of lighting so you don't have to worry whether you are getting the right bulb or not.

Our telephone lines are open 8:00am to late so call us for our friendly advice (but be aware that if it is in the middle of the night we might not be around to answer...)

The LEDSmiths team comprises of:

Daddy Smith (Nick) - Co-Owner and Managing Director

Nick has been in the lighting industry for almost 10 years, he started working for a leading lighting online retailer on the 8th August 2006.  Nick built up his vast knowledge of light bulbs (lamps) while working for this company and is one of the most
Nick Smith - Managing Director of LEDSmiths.comknowledgeable people in the light bulb sector.  If you don't believe us then feel free to test him out on any light bulb related question and it doesn't need to be LED related.  After 8 years of online lightbulb retailing, Nick then moved into a leading UK light bulb and LED manufacturer and headed up the LED development before heading up the commercial department.  Once Baby Smith was born however Nick then moved down to Devon to start his own online LED business - LEDSmiths.

Grandfather Smith - Co-Owner and Head of the Legal Department

Grandfather Smith is new to the lighting industry and heads up the Legal Department, if such legal matters should arise.  He does however have 30 years experience of running a successful business in the service industry.

Uncle Smith (Tristan) - Co-Owner and Sales Director

Tristan is relatively new to the lighting industry, his background is in finance. He worked for four years as an Investment Advisor in Central London selling his firm's investment management techniques and managing client relationships. We think it's fair to say that Tristan saw the Light and joins the team as Sales Director to help boost our sales across social media and various other sales channels.Tristan Smith

Tristan cares about a sustainable, renewable future for our planet. His vision is to see the end of incandescent light bulbs (standard and halogens) and have LEDs in every home & business across the U.K (and if they can be LEDSmiths supplied LEDs then even better!).

Tristan is a keen sportsman and enjoys watching most sports but in particular Rugby & Formula One. He has played rugby at a high level and completed both New York and Berlin Marathons. When not working on LEDSmiths Tristan can be found at his local Crossfit box in Battersea or on his racing bike in one of London's parks.

Uncle Smith (Alex) - Purchasing and Chinese Liaison Officer

Using Alex's vast knowledge on the Chinese culture and the fact that he is fluent in Mandarin, we are able to communicate better with the Chinese factories that produce the LED bulbs ensuring that we really do get a top quality product at the best prices and that nothing is 'lost in translation'.

Auntie Smith (Lauren) - Graphic Design and Marketing

Lauren's experience lies in graphic design and marketing, she has an incredible eye for detail and heads up our designs.  She oversees our email marketing and general design, having designed the LEDSmiths' fantastic logo.

Baby Smith (Olivia) - LEDSmiths' Social Media Mascot

Baby Olivia is our pride and joy and reason for doing what we do.  She often features in our Social Campaigns so you may see more of her as time goes on.

As we said in the beginning we are a family run company and we pride ourselves in making sure that we stay just that.  We are in control of our customer service and our products because, it has our name on it.  We look forward to seeing more of you on the website.

Best regards,

Nick and the Team.