2 Year Warranty with LEDSmiths

Thank you for choosing LEDSmiths, we are proud to be able to offer you an excellent 2 year warranty on all your LEDs that you buy from us.  You may see individual products stating their individual warranty or guarantee from the manufacturer however here at LEDSmiths we extend that automatically for you to 2 years.

There are some limitations that we would like to draw your attention to.  Obviously LEDs are like any other product, they will fail eventually and they have a lifespan attached to them and I will explain this in detail below for you.  So the limitation to this warranty is that we will cover any LED for 2 years under NORMAL use. Now 'normal use' is the use that you would expect to see in a domestic environment which is on average 5-6 hours per day.  If you are using this in an environment such as a hallway in a commercial building or in a hotel or any other environment that will subject the LED lamps to longer running periods then are warranty simply does not apply and this will be at the discretion of the LEDSmith Managing Director.

To explain how the lifetime of an LED works there may be a bit of maths involved but I will go through it all for you.

Each LED chip (an LED bulb will have sometimes hundreds of miniature LED chips) comes out of the LED chip manufacturer with a lifetime of close to 100,000 hours at optimal running temperature or lower, so if you run it in a fridge this is ideal and will last longer.

To put this in real terms, 100,000 hours is close to 11 and a half years running 24 hours a day.  So in a perfect environment this is the maximum length of time any LED bulb will run for.

In order for the LED bulbs to reach a certain light level, the LED bulb manufacturers may have to increase the current that they run the LED chips at, and as a result the temperature of the LED chip will increase.  As a rule of thumb, for every 1 degree an LED chip runs hotter than the intended temperature, the lifetime decreases by half.

So in order to get more light, you need to increase the current, when you increase the current, you increase the temperature and when you increase the temperature you decrease the life.

So if you see an LED bulb stating a lifetime of 25,000 hours, that means that the manufacturer is intentionally technically running the LED bulb 2 degrees hotter than it should be.

However to be on the safe side almost every manufacturer will understate their lifetime of the LEDs so that you feel like you are getting a good deal.

In conclusion we are happy to offer a 2 year guarantee or warranty on our LEDs at normal running times because ultimately that is what we expect the life of our LEDs to be.  We are very happy with our LEDs so you should be too.