Why are LEDs so cheap now?

Why are LEDs so cheap now?

Did you know that it is well known in the industry that the cost of LEDs decreases by 10% every three months?

Yes that is right, the base cost from the chinese manufacturers decreases by 10% every three months and has done so since they were first introduced into the market.  But has your LED supplier decreased their LED costs at all?  Are you still paying over the odds for LED light bulbs from your supplier?

A lot of people ask us the question, are your LEDs good quality because you are so much less then what I usually pay for LEDs.  Well that is because we don't take more than we need to when it comes to supplying you, and on top of that we are committed to making sure that when we get a price decrease, you get a price decrease.

Our LEDs are fantastic quality from brilliant manufacturers including Energizer and Trillion and when we put our name behind them then you can be reassured that they are great LED bulbs.

Take a look at our LED GLS from Trillion here, at £2.99 it is a great quality LED bulb at a great price.

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  • Nicholas Smith
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