How long should your LED Bulb last for?

How long should your LED Bulb last for?

Short Version

LED Lamps or Light Bulbs should last years.  Most will have some sort of guarantee to them and it will vary from 3-5 years but in reality they should last up to 8-10 years of normal use.

Long Version

The life of an LED Light Bulb can vary from LED bulb to LED bulb but the common fact is that they will always last a hell of a lot longer than the old style light bulbs.  If you currently have old incandescent light bulbs in your house then you are effectively wasting money on your electricity bill.

LED light bulbs will have a label on the box that either says 'average life' or a symbol with a clock and a large number next to it, this would generally be in the tens of thousands of hours.

To put it in perspective the old style standard light bulb had an average life of 1,000 hours.  After this time it would most likely fail, it is worth noting at this stage that once the 1,000 hours has past your light bulb will not suddenly go pop, this is an average life.  The bulb could fail after a few hours or it could go for 4,000 hours, however it has been measured that it will, on average, fail at 1,000 hours of use.  This works out to be 125 days based on 8 hours a day use.  It isn't terrible but it isn't amazing.

Many of the LED bulbs that are listed on the LEDSmiths website have an average life of 15,000 hours.  This is almost 15 times longer than the average old style light bulb.  So using this LED for 8 hours a day every day would work out to be 1875 days or just over 5 years.

In conclusion if the LED lasts as long as it should based on the life on the box then it should last in excess of 5 years at least.  However if you think what the state of LEDs were 5 years ago, just think of the possibilities of the state of LEDs in 5 years will be.

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