10 Reasons Why LEDs Rock (And Why You Should Switch To Them)

10 Reasons Why LEDs Rock (And Why You Should Switch To Them)

It is entirely possible that you don't have a single LED lamp (what they are called in the industry, light bulb or bulb to the rest of us) in your home.  You may have tried out some of the older versions and hated them with all your heart, you might have heard some rumours that they aren't good for you or you might have simply stocked up big time on your old bulbs and are still using them until you run out.  Below are 10 reasons why LEDs rock and why you should switch to them as soon as possible.

1. They Save Money

If you aren't using LEDs in every possible place then well, this sums it up quite well.


Yep, that's right you are literally throwing money out of the window.  The Telegraph wrote a brilliant article in 2014 - How to save '£240 a year' with LED light bulbs.  Some of the numbers are slightly outdated now but the gist is there.  So why have most of us just not made the switch?

2. They can improve your Instagram images and make you look and feel great

This is slightly tongue in cheek but a lot of LEDs come in a daylight colour now, daylight light is a much better light to do your make up, choose your clothes, and even take your pictures in. Taking pictures in daylight gives a much truer look to you than warm white (professional photographers always use daylight light to take pictures of models).


Daylight also helps concentration, it alleviates S.A.D. (seasonal affective disorder) and is a great type of light to have in workshops as it helps crafters see everything that little bit better.

This great article by TomBuildsStuff is a good guide to show when you need to use warm light and when to choose daylight.


3. You Can't Tell The Difference Any More


If you take for example the following 2 light bulbs, one an LED and one a standard old style bulb and put them side by side and turned them on, you would be seriously surprised how similar they are and you might be caught saying that the LED is actually better!

Source: Filament LED - LEDSmiths.com
Source: Old Style Light Bulbs - Amazon.com


4. They Last Longer - Much Much Longer

Just like the Energizer Bunny, our Energizer LEDs just keep going and going and going.


LEDs can last up to 25 times longer than the old style light bulbs.  Just think of all those times you don't need to change them.  So lower maintenance costs if you work in a business or just less hassle (don't forget you won't have to buy 25 old light bulbs as well and at the price of them these days - £1.75 per bulb now at thelightbulb.co.uk , yes I am shocked too).

5. Keeping Older Light Bulbs Is Costing You Money!

So that old light bulb you have in the cupboard that you were saving to use up before you make the switch to LED is literally costing you money you could have saved if you switched to LED.  Oh oh, Maths inc!


Ok so lets pretend you have 2 original 100W light bulbs left in your cupboard, and that your light bulb you have had in place for half it's life, you have at least another 500 hours left of the 100W bulb in place now (the older light bulbs last on average for 1000 hours).

That means that to run the 100W light bulbs for 2500 hours (2.5 light bulbs) it would cost you over the life of the light bulbs a whopping £35. "i no rite?"

If you just threw the light bulbs in the bin (lets assume they were expensive and cost £1.75 each), thats £3.50 you are throwing away and you bought one of our LEDSmiths 13W - 100W equivalent LED bulbs for £7.29, the running costs for this bulb over 2500 hours is a fraction of the cost at £4.55!

Total that all up:

1. £3.50 for binning the old bulbs

2. £7.29 for buying a new LED bulb

3. £4.55 for running the new LED bulb

4. Hell lets even throw in our delivery charge at £3.49 assuming you just buy one bulb (madness I tell you, you should swap the whole house now).

= That comes to £18.83 - Thats a £16.17 saving for binning 2 light bulbs you were thinking about using.  Now apply that to all your bulbs you have in your cupboard, just bin them asap!

6. Some LEDs look great and even make your home look cool

There are a lot of new LEDs that look simply awesome when you put them in decorative fittings and whether you are looking for some retro chic or simply looking for some extra "pazaz" these LEDs will ensure your home is "cool".

Philips 7W - 60W Equivalent Globe
Prolite 4W - 40W Equivalent Squirrel Cage


You've plenty more options available for decorative LEDs, just swing by our website LEDSmiths.com and enjoy all the great value and great looking LEDs.

7. They don't get hot

LEDs rock because they don't get hot, you can take them out whenever you like.  Imagine you have a floor lamp and light bulbs that are within reach, you don't have to worry if your toddler accidentally grabs one, because they aren't going to be hot like the older filament light bulbs.


You can use them in delicate lamp shades as well and they won't damage the shades or burn them.

8. There are LEDs now for almost everywhere and anywhere

The LED industry has gotten bigger than ever and now there are LEDs for almost anywhere you can think of, from signs on buildings to the smallest capsule LED replacements.  The only place I can think of in an area that needs lighting, that you can't put an LED or find an LED bulb replacement for, is in an oven because it's simply going to melt!  LEDs are often compromised of plastic and electronic components and this doesn't work too well in hot temperatures.


9. They are cheaper now than ever

In our case (LEDSmiths.com), cheaper doesn't mean worse quality.  We have positioned ourself to be one of the cheapest suppliers of LED light bulbs online, or even in the country, however this doesn't mean that our LEDs are worse that the LEDs you might have found for 2 or even 3 times the price elsewhere.

Our LEDs are some of the best on the market from manufacturers such as Philips and Energizer and we guarantee all our LEDs, so just because we are cheap, it doesn't mean they aren't fantastic LEDs.

Many things can contribute to higher prices, poor decisions on purchases, buying too much stock in the first place, greed etc. the list goes on. 


The cost of LED light bulbs in our experience should decreases by 10% every 3 months.  However not every supplier can do this mostly due to the huge amounts of stock you need to buy before you get a good price in the first place, it is closer to 6 months to a year for about 20% decrease.  If your supplier isn't lowering their prices well, could they be greedy and are just taking your money because you are still happily giving it to them?

10. If you want it so, no-one would even notice

LEDs have changed so much in the last few years to the point that the older LEDs look nothing like the newer style and when switched on the LEDs really don't look any different.  As an example the following are a few examples from old (on the left) to new (on the right):


 I'm sure you will agree, the new style LEDs look great and they are still getting better and better.

Thank you for reading and until next time.


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