Why should I buy my LEDs Online?

Why should I buy my LEDs Online?

What LED should I choose?

LEDs are hard. Hard to understand. Hard to work out what you need. Hard to get the perfect one.  Getting the right LED could completely change the way your home or office looks and can really save you loads of money in the long run.

So why should you buy your LED bulbs online?  Well the answer is simple, if you buy them online from a specialist online LED retailer like LEDSmiths.com then you are guaranteed to get the best advice and service from a supplier that focuses on nothing else but LEDs.

I mean you could go to your local supermarket and pick up your LEDs, but lets face the facts, just because they have LEDs in the supermarket doesn't mean you should pick them up at the supermarket.  If you popped into your local supermarket then do you think you could flag down a helper to assist you in getting the right bulb?  I shop in most of the major supermarkets, sometimes whichever is closest to me to pick up bits and bobs, and I'm that sadcase that checks out the offering in the light bulb aisle.  Almost every time I've walked past the section there is always a group of people trying to work out what they need.  It isn't limited to the supermarket, it is the same in DIY stores and other hardware shops, LEDs are a difficult business and it is fortunate that you can come to LEDSmiths and give us a call to assist you in getting it right.  I used to work for a major UK based manufacturer of light bulbs, including LEDs and the number of phone calls there were from the wholesalers or electricians or contractors that didn't know anything about LEDs and needed some help was astounding.

The best part about buying on the Internet from an online LED retailer like LEDSmiths is that you will be able to buy the bulbs at the best prices and and know that you are getting a great deal because on every product page is a calculator that you can pop in the hours you expect to be using the bulb and it works out when you start getting payback from using your new LED light bulbs.  Can you name a supermarket that does that?  So head onto the product pages and pick up a great deal now.

Image courtesy of 'imagerymajestic' at FreeDigitalPhotos.net

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